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Ben Lomond Wallflower
Ben Lomond Wallflower

Mount Hermon June Beetle
Mount Hermon June Beetle

Silverleaf Manzanita
Silverleaf Manzanita

Band-winged Grasshopper
Band-winged Grasshopper

Ben Lomond Spineflower
Ben Lomond Spineflower

Ben Lomond buckwheat
Ben Lomond buckwheat
Zayante Sandhills Conservation Bank

The Sandhills Conservation and Management Plan

A Strategy for Preserving Native Biodiversity
in the Santa Cruz Sandhills

Scotts Valley

Prepared by
Jodi M. McGraw

with Contributions from Matt Freeman,
Richard Arnold, and Caitlin Bean

Prepared for
The Land trust of Santa Cruz County
June 2004

A Strategy for Preserving includes

  • A synthesis of the available information about the biology of this unique system.
  • Biological species accounts for 7 sensitive plants and animals
  • An assessment of the threats to the persistence of sandhills species and communities.
  • The Sandhills Conservation Planning project, which identifies key preservation and management priorities in remaining sandhills habitat.
  • Detailed management recommendations to address three main impacts to sandhills habitat: fire exclusion, exotic plants, and recreational use.
  • Recommended guidelines for restoration, reclamation, and landscaping to enhance sandhills habitat.
  • A summary of sandhills research and recommendations for future research.
  • Recommended education, interpretation, and outreach programs to enhance awareness and appreciation of the sandhills.
  • An outline of crucial 'next steps' for sandhills conservation.

  • The 350 page bound plan includes color maps of the sandhills sites and their biotic resources, 5 color plates with photographs to illustrate many key aspects of the sandhills system, and a comprehensive bibliography of available sandhills literature, among other resources we hope will further assist sandhills conservation efforts.

    To order a plan, complete and mail (e-mail or snail mail) the Order Form.

    Sandhills Alliance for Natural Diversity (S.A.N.D.)

    McGraw, J. M. 2004. Sandhills Conservation and Management Plan: A Strategy for Preserving Native Biodiversity in the Santa Cruz Sandhills. Report prepared for the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. June 2004. 354 pages. Order Form

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